Strolling in Sunny Sydney

No, not a picture that I took - the view of Sydney from Milsons Point
No, not a picture that I took.
The view of Sydney from Milsons Point.

It’s so nice to have a sunny day again – no, I’m not in Adelaide at the moment. I’m currently in Sydney, to attend a training programme tomorrow. After arriving at 11.30am, I had a rest for a bit in the hotel room – just sorting out my stuff. The hotel is located in Milsons Point, over at the North Sydney side. I didn’t realise that some parts of the area had some village feel to it – unfortunately the number of skyscrapers are ruining that atmosphere.

Because I’m staying in North Sydney, I have to walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge to go to the city – alternatively I can also take a train to the other side. I walked across the Bridge many years ago when I first visited Sydney in 1990’s so I thought maybe I should do it again.

It’s always a nice experience anyway to cross landmark bridges across the world – I’ve crossed over many bridges ever since I walked across the Sydney Harbor Bridge: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, the Millenium Bridge in London, and many more. 🙂 Come to think about it, I think I didn’t actually finish the length of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in 1990’s. I stopped half-way and returned again.

It was good to walk along the bridge, with the blue sky over and the sun shining brightly, whilst viewing houses jostled against each other for a view of the beautiful harbour. There were a lot of joggers along the bridge as well – I suppose if you live in a showy city like Sydney, you have to have a body to show as well! 😀

After having a lunch at the nearby Macca’s (I’m still quite uncomfortable being a solo diner), I then had a meeting with one of my clients nearby. The meeting was successful – there was no agenda, I just wanted to say hello and to strengthen my relationship.

I walked towards Pitt Street Mall (almost like a pilgrimage every time I go to Sydney) because I wanted to go to Borders. Unfortunately Pitt Street mall is still gutted because of a refurbishment and cabling project. It looks like a no-man’s land at the moment! Borders is also no longer there, so I walked back to the hotel, via George Street to buy some Krispy Kreme donuts. Hehehe. Well, I have to get my energy level up! Excuses, excuses. 🙂

So all in all, I walked along the Cahill Walkway (the walk along the bridge) twice today – in my dress shoes, mind you so my feet are killing me at the moment! I’m back in the hotel room to rest for a bit before heading out again shortly to be a tourist and take some pictures. 🙂 No, not of the Opera House – I just want to capture other sights around Sydney!


I didn’t have access to the Internet at the hotel, that was why I stored the text in my laptop. After I rested for a while, I walked to the shoreline to take some pictures of the bridge and the city from the northern side. Unfortunately I missed the sunset by a couple of minutes. I could see the bronzed sunlight reflected on the bridge as I walked towards the water, but by the time I was on the beach, the light had gone.

I walked back to my hotel room and dozed off until 9pm – and ended up watching ‘TV Burp‘ on Channel Seven – a tacky programme about awkward conversations or moments on TV soapies, quiz shows, and so forth. I brushed my teeth and then headed back to bed. I was feeling antisocial unfortunately – I could’ve called my Indonesian friends to socialise with them, but I didn’t have the energy to do so. 😛 Maybe next time!

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