Happy birthday, Mama

It’s my mum’s 69th birthday today and I want to wish her all my love, best wishes and prayers from far away in Adelaide. She has gone through a lot, and I can only wish her all the best that God can give her.

I always remember the strength that she gave me when I was small, having marks on my legs because of my sensitive skin and with my hare-lip. She told me to hold my head up high and not to be ashamed of myself. She was also the one who distilled in me a sense of achievement and ambition from an early age. Whenever I didn’t feel like going to school, she would tell me that I would miss what my friends would learn that day and that I would be left behind. 🙂

I do admire mothers – the strength that they possess in raising the children, in keeping the family together. While fathers direct the family towards a future, it’s mothers who hold the ship together. My mum would still get up in the morning and get me and my younger brother ready for school. She would cook us chicken congee or fried rice even though she was sick or had a headache. Oh the things that I did when I was young – all the quiet rebellion and disobedience! *sigh*

My mum’s a super mum with all her faults and superiority – she managed to withstand my father’s turbulent emotions and melancholy. She managed to raise eight children, together with my dad, so that all of us became well-adjusted adults. I also couldn’t fathom the depth of her anguish for having to bury her youngest child – my younger brother in 2008.

As I get older, I have become more understanding of my mother’s wishes and desires – her main wish is for her children to be happy. When I was young, I would quietly rebel against those, if her wishes went against mine. Now if there’s no harm in obeying her and following her wishes, I would gladly do them – and make her happy.

So Mama, Happy Birthday. I do love you – I just wish I were there with you at the moment so I could give you a hug.

I thank God that He has given me not the mother that the world see as perfect. He gives me one who is perfect for me.

I love you.

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