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It’s been quite a busy and hectic period – work has been quite full on for the last two weeks as I need to manage a big research project on partner satisfaction. Nevertheless, I do enjoy being busy as it keeps me on the go.

Ficus Benjamina 'Francis Goldstar'

On the domestic front, I’ve also been busy doing more around the garden and the house. I replaced the rotting plant that I put near the front door – I cut a stem from the Umbrella Tree from the backyard a couple fo weeks ago and plonked it into the pot. I suppose it didn’t like it even though it lasted for a while – at the end, it was getting black and it was smelling a bit funky. I bought a Ficus benjamina ‘Francis Goldstar” from K-Mart and repotted the plant into a bigger container, and then placed it underneath the windchime by the front door.

Acer serrulatum

Yesterday, the ‘Acer serrulatum’ (Taiwanese Green Maple) tree that I ordered from eBay arrived at the office, so I also spent the evening planting it in the sideyard – in the spot that was made vacant after I ripped the Umbrella Tree out. Apparently the roots from Umbrella Tree can be quite invasive after the tree matures. I still have one Umbrella Tree in my backyard and I may rip it out as well next year if I can find a good tree species to plant there. Today, another tree that I ordered from eBay : Japanese Maple ‘Acer palmatum “Inaba Shidare”‘ arrived at the office, to the wonderment of my workmates since the two plants came in two consecutive days … hehehe. So, this evening, I uprooted a little White Birch tree from the backyard and planted it in the front yard to replace the one that died last summer and then planted the Japanese Maple in its spot instead in the backyard. Phew – quite tiring!

Acer palmatum 'Inaba Shidare'

It’s quite interesting when I think that I have inherited my mum’s love for the plants and the earth. I remember one incident when I was a kid – there was a small plot of land behind the shophouse that my dad inherited from grandma. It was probably around 2m x 10m – the land belonged to the lady who lived behind the shop and she wanted to sell it to my parents. My mum wanted the land so much, even though it was really small, because she wanted to have a garden that she could call her own. My mum was born in Bogor, an agricultural area to the south of Jakarta – she loved gardening so much that she had many potted plants that she put on our shophouse’s roof. She also had some chicken that she wouldn’t mind butchering when we had special occasions such as Christmas or Chinese New Year. She was and still is, a country girl at heart. Back to the story about the land … well, when my mum told my Dad that she wanted Dad to buy the plot, Dad was quite angry because to him, what was all the big deal about a small plot of land that we didn’t need? They argued for a long time and at that time silently I took my Dad’s side because I couldn’t see why all the fuss about a stupid small plot of land … however to Mum, that was her chance to reconnect to the land again …

It is only now that I realise that I have inherited Mum’s love of gardening and seeing things grow in my garden … Even though I hate doing weeding and I don’t like mowing the lawn (I have a gentleman called Barry who does it for me for $22/month), I do enjoy planting and watering and seeing things grow. As I am an avid lover of Autumn colour, I have planted some deciduous trees in my frontyard and backyard … after the Amur Maple (Acer ginnala), the Ornamental Pear (Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’), now I have the Taiwanese Green Maple and Japanese Maple … I can’t wait for Autumn to come so I can enjoy the colours …

Now I realise that one should never make fun of our parents’ passions or foibbles because one day, we may inherit them ourselves, … naturally.

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  1. Arry,

    I never have a friend like you who really like writing stories of your life in perfect way like you. Good on you! I really enjoy your own stories from July up to the current date especially about your europe trip, gardening and doing housework.

    Congrats for your citizenship too! When did you get that, just only this year? First aussie passport used for Europe Tour. Excellent!

    Love to hear your stories about your routine at home doing housework and gardening. You are really truly ready for having a family, Ry. Believe me! Why? You still haven\’t find the right one for you?

    Anyway, Nice to read and know your update stories. Please keep posting it to me.

    Have a nice weekend!


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