“For One More Day” – Mitch Albom

I discovered that Mitch Albom, the author of Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven had just released a new book called For One More Day, so I rushed to get it on Sunday as I really enjoyed Tuesdays with Morie. I also enjoyed The Five People You Meet in Heaven but to a lesser degree – it was too ‘out of this world’ for me.

When I started reading For One More Day, I thought I would read another version of The Five People You Meet in Heaven – however, whilst there are some similarities, in dealing with a death/near-death experience, the two stories are like two different clothes that are cut from the same fabric. The story is about Charles ‘Chick’ Benetto, a failed baseball player who tried to commit suicide after his marriage break-up and his career nosedive. He was an alcoholic who was not even invited to his daughter’s wedding … Somehow in the process of his suicide, her dead mother came to visit him, as if nothing happened, just to make things right again …

I thought that the story would be soppy and corny, but once I had allowed myself to let go and accept the spirit of the story, I really enjoyed it. It made me think of the things that I did to my mum or how I talked back to her when I was angry – the way that she believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself – the way that she instilled confidence in me, when other boys were mocking the way I looked or my ethnicity. I live quite far away from my parents now, and somehow reading this book has made me want to give my mum a big hug.

I finished the book in quite a short time because I wanted to know how it ended – For One More Day is quite a quick read … and when I reached the last page, just 15 minutes ago during my lunch break – I had to force myself not to cry. It won’t be ‘cool’ to cry at work after reading a book! Another revelation at the end of the book did it to me …

I like this better than The Five People You Meet in Heaven and it’s a must read for everybody. From time to time, one needs to read such stories so we won’t end up cynical and jaded …

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  1. You should also watch Ghost Whisperer series…..I love it not so much for the horror part but the human story behind every single movie. I guess I’m reconnecting myself with my past and is putting to rest bit by bit those memories, trauma, cherish moments in inner me……..

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