Berlin – Epilogue

I wish I had more days to spend in Berlin – I was really not ready to leave the city. It’s certainly a city of contrast – I saw men urinating on the street, a guy cleaning his windowscreen because somebody put a graffiti on it the previous night, and a congregation of Turkish-Berliners complete with their traditional costume. However, if you go to Potsdam, you will see an ultra-modern and sleek Berlin, or if you go to Unter-den-Linden, you will see Germany’s historic monuments.

I hope I can return to the city again and experience more of it, at the moment, it has even overtaken Stockholm as my favourite city during this trip. It has history, culture, nature, and endless of bratwurst and curry-wurst that you can stomach. Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste the Berliner Weiss – so I will need to return just to taste that! Berliner Weiss is light beer with either raspberry cordial or a green cordial – apparently it’s how Berliners keep themselves cool during summer!

This morning I had to get up early again because my train to Prague was due to leave at 9.42am. You should see Berlin Hauptbahnhof – the lay-out and the clean design were definitely top-notch!

Well, I will end my Berlin Epilogue here – I still wish I had more days in Berlin. I really love the city and I even feel sorry that I didn’t buy any Berlin t-shirt!!! Argh!


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  1. Hi, I have only been to the berlin airport as well which was memorable. We had a 3 hr stop over there so sat in a cafe and had the most beautiful hot choc which was in a tall glass, steaming milk, and a large choc straw/curl which you had to stir in and melt in to make your hot choc. Also had some apple strudel which was magnificent. We also bought swiss chocs and were enjoying ourselves sooo much that we missed our boarding and ended up getting on the plane with a crew upset at us and all other passengers already settled in. I also want to go back for more food and beer. Yum

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