I haven´t had enough of Berlin!


Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

Contrary to the feeling that I usually have in other cities, I face my last evening here in Berlin with a tinge of regret. I wish I had allocated more days to Berlin and perhaps one less day in Amsterdam before I head back to Singapore. Even though I have covered the main tourist areas such as the Museum Island, Unter-den-Linden, Tiergarten, etc, I still feel I need more days to explore Berlin. One place that I forgot to mention yesterday was Viktoriapark, a beautiful park located in the Kreuzberg district, not too far from the hotel where I´m staying. There´s a waterfall at the park, with a monument celebrating Germany´s victorious wars in the past.

Today, I started early because I wanted to cover more places. I went to the laundry to pick up my clean clothes, and then I headed back to the Museum Island, just to see the Berliner Dom (complete with a wedding that was happening when I was there!), and the Pergamon Museum. That was after a 10-minute wandering around trying to find an ATM because it cost 10€ to get into the museum. Pergamon Museum is famous for the reconstruction of the Temple of Pergamon, and the Gate of Ishtar, among others. I also walked up the tower in Berliner Dom, which was again, nothing compared to the steps that I needed to take in St Olaf´s Church in Tallinn! After Pergamon Museum, I walked along Unter-den-Linden and took photos of the beautiful building adorning the street including Bebelplatz (where the Nazi burnt books in WW II), Humboldt Universität, and so forth. I had Bratwurst for my late lunch, complete with the deliciously refreshing Apfelschorle, which is half-fizzy mineral water, half apple juice. I also revisited the Brandenburger Tor, which is of course one of Berlin´s most famous landmark. I actually went to Brandenburger Tor last night but I thought I should revisit it again during day time. I went there last night at 8pm because I thought I wouldn´t have time to visit the place today. From Brandenburger Tor, I then walked through Tiergarten, Berlin´s “Central Park” which is really nice and green and contrary to the report that my friend Paul gave me prior to my trip, there were no naked people frolicking around in the sun. Hehehehehe. 😛

From Tiergarten, I went to Postdamer Platz, and took a rest there – again, I actually went here last night – Postdamer Platz reminds me of Suntec City in Singapore with its modern-looking buildings, fancy hotel, and the spacious feelings of the area. Of course, Postdamer Platz has more history than Suntec City and has gone a long way since the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) era. From Postdamer Platz, due to a misjudgment in direction, I had to change my plan – I guess I can be so clueless with my orientation!!! Initially I wanted to walk along Postdamer Straße towards Leipziger Straße, but I ended up going to the opposite direction. Because of that, I thought, I might as well take the U-Bahn to Kurfurstendamm again and tried to soak in the street-fair atmosphere again before calling it a day. It also gave me a chance to burn the photos from my camera´s Compact Flash card into 2 CDs because I ran out of space before my trip to Prague tomorrow.

The places that I went to last night:

  • Brandenburger Tor – a tourist magnet here in Berlin but a must visit. Just being in Pariser Platz with all the history surrounding you would make you amazed!
  • Holocaust Denkmal – a monument dedicated to the memory of those who perished during the Holocaust. The wavy paved ground is covered by columns with differing heights. Just walking around amongst the columns would make you quite easily disorientated and give you a sence of being lost that was experienced by the Jews in World War II.
  • Reichstag – only from the outside. Such a magnificent building (both the old and the new extension!).
  • I also walked from the Brandenburger Tor to the Siegessäule – the tower located about 2-km from the Brandenburger Tor  in the Straße Des 17. Juni. The tower has a golden angelic figure at the top that is often covered during the Love Parade. 4km altogether on foot non-stop – a new achievement for me. That was after full day of walking around too!

If I remember other places that I missed before, I´ll add them when I´m in Prague tomorrow. I am actually quite ready to return to Adelaide. I miss home! I´ve acquired many postcards that would further decorate my Le Loo (As Paul said, “If Paris has Le Louvre, Arry has Le Loo”). Hahahaha!

So, all in all, I love Berlin a lot and would really love to return again in the future! My city ranking has been reordered now that I have experienced Berlin!

“One more night, oh one more night ….”

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