Early taste of parenthood


No, before you get all giddy and post congratulation messages on my Facebook, Yani and I are not having a baby just yet … and yes, this is another post about Indy. 🙂

Yani and I are about to go on a church camp this Labour Day long weekend – and perhaps I’ll be acting more like a big brother / uncle type rather than a true participant. Because of that, I had to run around like a headless chook, trying to find a dog minder for Indy as I wouldn’t want to leave him home alone. I contacted the service that I used last year, but due to some kind of franchise dispute, I end up dealing with the local representative who I dealt with last year, who has now set up his own dog minding business. I have faith in him so I thought I’d continue with him rather than contact the big franchise company.

He set me up with a guy who lives in Salisbury North, Steve. For those of you who do not know Adelaide that well – Salisbury and Elizabeth area is generally known as the rough area in Adelaide where unemployment rate is high and you wouldn’t want to be walking around in the neighbourhood pass 7pm. I steeled myself to drive there alone with Indy on Wednesday so I could introduce Indy to Steve and for me to have the chance to have a look at his house and so forth. Steve fits the image of a Salisburian – he was wearing a flanelette shirt, with tattoos all over his forearms. He does have kind eyes and I suppose I have trusted my gut instinct for so many years that I thought I would give him a go. He seems like a nice guy – besides, I have learned a lot not to be judgmental this year.

So to give Indy a treat after behaving so well during the trip (he whined a bit at the beginning and then he settled down), I drove to the nearby Pooch Park. I felt like a self-conscious Dad, walking in with Indy on a leash. One of the guys told me, “Let him go, mate. He’ll be fine!”. So many thoughts circled around my head – what if Indy wouldn’t respond when I called his name? What if he picked up a fight? Several dogs eyed Indy and gingerly approached him. I let them sniff each other’s butt so everybody could get acquainted. I took a leap of faith and let Indy go.

He was ecstatic and was very happy – he zoomed around with his new friends, exploring the park with a grin that would brighten up the day.

I sat on the bench, still feeling self-conscious. I called him when he was within a shouting distance, and he ran to me, still with his wide doggy smile. How could I not love him?

I let him play around for a bit before we drove home. He slept earlier that night – a happy boy.

So today, my bags are packed, the gates are locked, the fish has been fed with the weekend feeder, the forms have been filled. I’m now ready to pack Indy’s beg, his food, his treats and two of his favourite toys. I’m sure that mums and dads feel something similar when they send their children to kindy or summer camp. Sending Indy off to his carer for the weekend is my early taste of parenthood. I did the same thing last year but that was an early stage in my relationship with him. Now, I dread having to leave him alone with a stranger, albeit a kind rough lumberjack-kind-of-minder.

I’m going to miss my sooky boy.


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