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It’s Sunday night – Indy is again resting in my study after I dragged his bed into my study. The more I know him, the more I love him – through him I learn about how good it is to receive pure love and adoration (which answers why God loves our worship).

How could you say no to these eyes? (Photo courtesy of Rehany Mooy)

For dog owners, you would know that it is extra hard to be strong when your dog sits in front of you quietly, and with their eyes they communicate their love to you … and the piece of food that you’re holding. 🙂

So tonight, he’s waiting for me to finish ‘working’ in the study before he calls it a day as well. It’s been a big weekend for Indy as well – yesterday he met around 30 people who came to my birthday barbeque. He was excited at first and then after a while, he calmly strutted around – looking at everybody who was eating a piece of sausage or bread, in case any of them took pity on him. He is a sociable dog but after yesterday’s experience, he is noticeably quieter today. He’s all peopled-out already! It was pretty funny as well that one of my Indonesian friends said that she thought Indy and I looked quite similar – we both had big eyes. Haha. 🙂 I don’t mind being compared to handsome sooky dog! Hahaha.

So I started my fifth decade on Sunday last year – it’s my first week being a 40-year-old man. My birthday celebration last week was very low key. I didn’t wait until midnight to see whether Yani was planning to give me a birthday greeting or whether my friends from church would surprise me. Yani was in the living room – working on some church matters, I thought. I was just too tired so I went to bed and slept.  I wake up during the night to find that Yani had placed a card on my bedside table, and that my phone had some incoming text messages and some birthday greetings on my Facebook. I continued my rest and in the morning I opened the card to find a lovely handmade birthday card. It was the card that occupied her last night. Awwww. 🙂

We went to church afterwards and after the service, my friends brought out a cake and we all did the customary ‘Happy Birthday’ singing and the Hip-Hip Hurrah afterwards. For dinner, a group of us went to Ding Hao in Chinatown – I’m just a poor student so we went dutch *grin*. I thought that I should treat some of my closest friends at church – those who work together with me the closest in the ministry team so I contacted around 15 of them and ask them to go for a satay night on Wednesday at a new Indonesian restaurant in Adelaide, De Sate.

Throughout the day, I continued to receive many messages on Facebook – the new way of greeting and interacting, I suppose. In the old days, I would be wondering whether I would receive phone calls or birthday cards, these days, you rely on Facebook to tell you who ‘remembers’ your birthday. 😉

The group at De Sate on Wednesday

The satay night was successful – there were ten of us at the end, as some of my friends were unwell and had other plans. I also invited the Pastor from the church, but he opted to have a rest at home. He had been feeling under the weather for a while.  The food at the restaurant was fantastic – we ordered chicken satays, lamb satays, lamb curry, and other dishes that the restaurant serves. Well, even after living in Australia for years and years, my biggest gastronomic love is still for Indonesian food!

So that was my second birthday celebration …

Yesterday was my third and final celebration – I put an event on Facebook to invite my friends, mostly those from the Indonesian church, and some from various circles to come to my house for a barbeque. Yani and I ran around like headless chooks in the morning, cleaning up and putting some of our things in the spare bedroom for the time being *grin*. Knowing that I would be frantic on the day, I had also baked some of my now-famous Wingko (Javanese Coconut Slice) the previous night. I started experimenting with the recipe and have come up with a nice variant of the cake – I put some mango puree in the dough as I know that coconut and mango work well together. So after we cleaned up the house, I drove to the nearest Coles supermarket to buy some more party-wares and also stopped by a newly-opened Indonesian grocery store in Plympton Park. They happened to sell some Martabak Telor (fried meat and egg parcels in crispy pastry). The owner was Yani’s host-parents when she first came to Adelaide – so she contacted them and ordered four containers of the martabaks. They also kindly gave us an extra portion! 🙂

So back to my barbeque — I asked my guests to dress up in 1970’s style – to remember the decade when I was born. I think nobody really got into the spirit of dressing up – as there was a mishmash of retro-like outfit. A friend of mine Andris, came the most prepared – he came as Elvis that certainly wowed my friends who were at the party already. He arrived with his children, dressed in Buzz Lightyear costume and Snow White costume. I wore my afro wig for a while and towards the end just gave up *grin*. We had sausages, burgers and steak, and we also enjoyed the martabaks, wingkos, and also some of the chocolate hedgehog that I made the previous evening – I’ve been a busy man indeed!

We had a great time together – they stayed until close to midnight, playing card games and chatting. I was also given some wines, a mixer from Yani (I did not-so subtly mention this – as I’d rather get something that I would use .. hehe), some books that I look forward to reading, an iTunes voucher (as a reminder that I’m held hostage by my Apple dependency) 😛 , a cabin bag, a large pot of various herbs that I can nurture and grow in the kitchen, a kitchen scale, a great framed photo of Grenfell Street, Adelaide in the yesteryears, a tin of Haigh’s hot chocolate mix (yummm), a DVD and a big mug to remind me of my age. Yay! 🙂 I am blessed for having such great friends.

They say that life begins at forty, so here I am, over the threshold already. If God has blessed me so well in the last thirty-nine years of my life, I have no reason to doubt Him for the next forty years of my life. Let the fun begin! 🙂

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  1. Enjoy ur new decade…. I personally really enjoyed my 40th decade…

    The only downturn was the ‘menop’ subject, though I did not have to suffer, lucky me! But for men there’s this andropause……. Hihi…watch for it!

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