Un giorno perfetto (A Perfect Day)


Sometimes the title of a movie can be sooo different to the scenes portrayed – well, in a nutshell that’s Un giorno perfetto (A Perfect Day) – Ferzan Ozpetek’s latest movie. As with Il Papà di Giovanna, by the time I went to the cinema, I had already forgotten why I selected the movie as I bought my tickets weeks and weeks ago. Unfortunately, as with Il Papà di Giovanna, it’s also a bit of a dud, albeit a better dud. 🙂 I love Ozpetek’s Facing Window that I watched many years ago, so I had been following his movies as well whenever they appear in the Italian Film Festival. Saturno contro which was included in the Italian Film Festival did not give me the same satisfaction, and unfortunately Un giorno perfetto is even a bigger let-down.

In the movie, the characters are all intertwined without much explanation – a politician who’s about to face the Supreme Court, his violent bodyguard, the bodyguard’s estranged wife and their two children who live with her mother, and so forth. The movie takes place in 24 hours and how things can go so wrong ’24 little hours’. The pace is oh so frustrating as well sometimes that you feel like pushing the characters to walk faster.

So unfortunately, the two Italian Film Festival movies are a bit disappointing – let’s hope my third one this Thursday will be much better!

Sidenote: Ozpetek must have a fascination with goldfish paperweight as well – it is featured in Saturno contro as well as in Un giorno perfetto!


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