Il Papà di Giovanna (Giovanna’s Father)

The Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2009 is on again and I selected my five movies weeks and weeks ago. It’s always nice to watch the movies that you choose, not knowing anything about them because you can’t remember the movie blurbs anymore. 🙂

I saw my first one today, Il Papà di Giovanna (Giovanna’s Father). I really can’t recall why I selected it because it’s really not the kind of movie that I usually watch and I’m afraid that it is a bit of a dud. The movie did apparently win a lot of awards in Italy in 2008, and perhaps for some people, this movie is great, and touching, yadda, yadda, yadda. Unfortunately I just couldn’t get into it – the acting seems shallow for some of the parts, and sometimes the scenes feel so ‘forced’ .

The story is about Michele Casali, a teacher who has a fragile daughter called Giovanna. Michele consistently props Giovanna’s self confidence and perhaps almost too much. When a boy shows some interest, Michele decides to interfere and give the friendship a little boost with a disastrous consequence. Silvio Orlando is commendable as Michele, a sincere guy with a good heart whose main wish is to protect his daughter.

However, as much as it is lovely to see the bond between Michele and Giovanna, the movie doesn’t doo much to me unfortunately.


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