So how was the birthday?


What a difference a year makes?

A whole lot – more grey hair, more fine lines, more kilograms, more blessings. Haha. I’m one year closer to my fortieth birthday now and one hand it seems pretty daunting, on the other hand, it’s quite exciting nevertheless. I’m not that afraid of being old – hanging around with younger people all the time, whether at church or at the uni makes me perpetually young. Besides the good genes from my mum and dad kinda help as well, people don’t believe it when I tell them my age. 🙂

Thank you to everybody who has emailed, texted, messaged me on Facebook – I am truly sorry that I can’t reply to each one of you but the outpouring of warmth and wishes are much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So how was the birthday, you asked.

If last year I felt quite anxious about my birthday and even half-expecting presents, this year I took it really easy. I was not expecting any presents at all. If they come, I would gladly accept them, if not, I would still feel happy anyway. I was tired on my birthday eve so I was lying down on the floor near the heater while half-watching the TV when Yani stepped out of the living room. I was secretly thankful that there were nobody who came around to give me some surprise cheers at the strike of midnight. While Yani was out of the room, I cheekily and quickly changed her Facebook status into something silly – I’m still a cheeky boy at heart! She yelled out whether I wanted any tea. Tea? At around midnight? It didn’t register to me that she was doing something else in the kitchen. She came back to the room with a Beesting cake (Bienenstich) with a single candle on it. I thought she had bought the cake from the Market, but she told me that she went all the way to Hahndorf in Adelaide Hills after she finished working just to buy me a Beesting! How lovely was that? She knew that I loved the cake. 🙂 [Love you, hun!]

The day started late as I got up late – I had informed the uni that I would be working from home. I did some work in my study and then pottered around the house a bit while Yani went to the city to meet some friends. Working at home also allowed me to enjoy a little bit of sunshine as it streamed into my study. It was quite a nice sunny Spring day – still a little bit fresh but the sun was out nevertheless. 🙂

At first we planned to go to a French bistro nearby for dinner, but I discovered that it had closed, so initially I thought it would be nice to go to the city for a nice dinner but I didn’t feel like heading to the city at all. So I told Yani to come back home afterwards and I said that we would order pizza or something. In the meantime I walked to the shopping centre nearby to do some shopping for my barbeque this weekend as well as to buy some fertiliser for my sad-looking Murraya. I also stopped by the bottle-o and got myself a 2007 Hardy’s Butcher’s Gold Shiraz and Sangiovese. The varietal intrigued me and I thought I should give it a try. I walked home and then Yani and I walked to the nearby pizza place and ordered two large pizzas for dinner – one Chef’s Special and one Yiros pizza. We sat down on the floor near the heater with the TV on – our own little picnic spot every night. 🙂

To top it all off, a glass of nice wine to close my birthday.

I am blessed.

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  1. Hmmm, so sweet. I enjoyed reading this.

    God bless you and your still-very-new family, of course, there will be more fascinating experiences (sad or good) you will find during walking with the faithful Lord, Arry.

  2. Did the heater stay in the wall Arry???? Grin. I still giggle when I think about doing gymnastics that night trying to stop it falling out of the wall while I grabbed something with my free (???) foot to prop it up with!
    Anyway, happy birthday (as always, I missed it – sorry). It sounds like you had a fantastic day.
    Ive been meaning to ask…did you get the wedding photos I sent (email) a while ago? Im still waiting on yours…(hint hint!)
    We have moved house – loving every minute of it!
    Best get back to my thesis,
    loads of love to you both
    L&G T

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