To do or not to do

I’m facing another dilemma now that I’ve seriously taken the first few steps to suss out postgraduate study. It seems that it is becoming a real possibility for me to join the academic circle next year and be a student again. I have now secured two referees who can assist me in my application and I have even started to polish my marketing knowledge by reading some study material that is actually intended for first year undergraduate student. So it is exciting … however, I have started to think about finance again.  The good thing is that because I’ll be taking a research degree, I will also be eligible to receive some scholarship. The amount is quite generous for students, but because I have a mortgage to pay and (soon) a household to take care of, I really need to consider my decision really carefully. The stipend will only barely cover my monthly mortgage repayment and I will have around $100 left for my monthly living cost – it won’t be enough at all. I don’t know if I will be allowed to work part-time – perhaps that’s something that I should investigate …

I really want to seriously study again – I do believe that my calling is in the area of teaching. Surely there’s a purpose why I studied in Adelaide in the early 1990’s and why I ended up living here again. The limitation of living in Adelaide is that you have a limited choice for the area that you can build your career in. Major banks have their headquarters elsewhere – and even the Credit Unions are merging thesedays, limiting the opportunities even further. As I get older, I really want to spend my days in an area where I really believe in and in the area where I can invest myself more.

So I’m in a dilemma whether I really should apply and try to see whether I can supplement the stipend by working part-time somewhere so I can keep the house and have a happy family, or just continue where I work now and just postpone my dream. I don’t know.

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