Vista Schmista and Spider-flavoured Noodles

Windows Vista is finally released today after much fanfare all over the world — I know that in due time I will also adopt Vista in my home computer but in the meantime I have no plans to do so. It’s just so silly, in a way, that most of the features the team from Microsoft hail as the key features of Vista, have actually been ‘copied’ from Apple’s OS X. Come on, Microsoft, can’t you think of creating anything original? Rather than doing it through acquisition and imitation? I wish I had extra dosh to get myself an iBook again – I sold mine three years ago to a guy at work who actually on-sold it on eBay! Grrrr! 🙁

This evening when I prepared my dinner (nothing exciting – just Indomie instant noodles!), I had quite a shock when I discovered that there was a daddy long-legs spider in my bowl. I was about to pour the seasoning from the sachet into the bowl when I noticed it. I thought about carrying the bowl into the sink, but I was afraid that it would crawl out – I don’t want to break my bowl! So I filled a cup with hot water and pour it into the bowl. At least it didn’t suffer long – afterwards, I just poured the water including the limp daddy long-legs into the drain. I nearly had spider-flavoured soto mie! Yuck!

I read on the net that the belief that daddy long-legs spiders are the most venomous in the world is not true – their venom is weak on human, although they are very helpful in killing bigger and scarier spiders in the house apparently!

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