I was about to call it a day when I hard a series of bangs just outside of my house. I thought there was a trailer that went past – but the bang was very loud, that I thought perhaps the car or the trailer crashed into the roadblock at Barwell Avenue. There are some roadworks going on in the neighbourhood and I thought that a car sped and crashed into the roadblock.

I quickly got dressed (I was about to take my evening shower!) and went out. Some of the neighbours also went outside to check what was happening – then I saw it, a car that crashed into the property just across the road. There was a hissing sound because apparently the car also hit the gas pipe. Some of the brave souls walked closer to the car to see whether there was somebody inside and one of them managed to turn off the gas as well. One of the neighbours also called ‘000’ to get the police over. Apparently somebody had also contacted the firemen earlier as well. Some folks who lived down the street said that they saw two men running further along the street and by the time the crowd were outside, they were truly gone. The car looked oldish – I don’t know much about cars but it looked like it was made in the seventies or eighties.

It was certainly one excitement that we didn’t need to have as everybody was just about ready to go to bed! There were folks who were in their pyjamas or walking outside barechested – no doubt they were rudely awakened by the bangs. It was an unusual way to meet the neighbours though – now I know the couple who live two houses down my street. 🙂 We theoretised that the car went to the frontyard of the adjacent house, tried to back out and ended up going into the frontyard of the house across the road. The car also knocked down the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of the house. That was probably the last loud ‘BANG!’ that I heard. The house was just recently sold. The lady who was selling the house (who was still staying there for the next three weeks) lamented about the rose bush and hoped that the new owner wouldn’t feel too bad about the accident. No doubt the insurance company would cover for the damages!

In real life, it is never as dramatic as portrayed in CSI or Law and Order. There were no swanky looking detectives walking around with a swagger. There was no up-tempo background music as the police checked the car and scoured the area for any evidence. No magical possible car-trail or mathematical formula that materialises in the air like the one portrayed in ‘Numb3rs’. 🙂 After staying outside for a while, I didn’t want to end up donating my blood for the mosquitos so I said goodbye to my neighbours and went inside.

The crowd have dispersed as we all have our activities for tomorrow – I can still hear some activities outside. The policemen and the fireys were probably still there – and I think there’s probably a tow-truck now as well.  I don’t feel like going outside again as I’m tired and sleepy, and besides I think the sight of me with my nightshirt and sarong will provide an unnecessary entertainment for the neighbourhood!

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