Running out of steam!

The corporate Christmas party is on tonight, and where in the previous years I would be looking forward to the party and to showing off my dancing prowess (hahaha …), this year I just want to head home and sleep! I couldn’t get a good sleep as well for the last couple of days and on top of that, it’s been quite an exhausting period lately with multiple things to manage and handle at the same time. The coming weeks aren’t that much better, either – I have new exciting projects to handle. The problem is that my energy and resources are limited! 😛

At least the weather is gorgeous here in Adelaide, cool morning and blue sky – we just haven’t got enough rain!

I’m tiiiiired!!!!! I can’t wait for the Christmas period even though I’m only taking a one-day off on December 29 … I’m planning to go to Port MacDonnell to relax a bit for the long weekend.

(… and I am SO broke!!!! I can’t wait for the payday – and the next one too!!!)

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