Lowkey Birthday

I’m listening to Thomas Dybdahl‘s soulful and melancholy album, “One day you’ll dance for me, New York City”. I bought it at Platekompaniet in Oslo during my Nordic trip – it was on special when I went there. The album is a real gem – I simply love the songs and his voice. It’s perfect for those lazy evenings – maybe I should listen to the album over a glass of Korenwijn Genever. *grin*.

It’s my 34th birthday today – somehow despite the lack of celebratory activities, I’m quite content with how the day panned out. Initially I was going to join the church trip to Melbourne. Our church was invited to go to Melbourne to see the Indonesian church there, but I wasn’t too keen on spending my birthday on an overnight trip at 2am to Melbourne, so I told the Senior Pastor that I preferred to stay home, enjoying my birthday leisurely. I suppose in major days, my introvertedness tends to take control of my mood. I tend to prefer to spend New Year’s Eves and Birthdays on my own … unless somebody with enough persuasion manages to pull me out from my self-induced solitude.

I got up later than usual, to the sound of my mobile’s SMS tones – it’s good to receive so many birthday messages from friends and families. I was awakened at 1.30am because a group of the Melbourne trippers didn’t get the message that I wasn’t going, so they were at my house to pick me up. It took a while for me to get back to sleep so because of that, I gave myself the permission to stay longer in bed. Haha. So, after getting up late, responding to sms, and chatting online with my friend Sjoerd in Singapore, I managed to take the bus at 1.00pm to the city and had coffee in the city and lunch in Central Market. I did some shopping as well, and then went home. I took a short nap on the sofa, and then I watched some telly and the Dutch DVD that I bought in Amsterdam, called “De Tweeling” (The Twins). I like it, even though I find it a tad bit too melodramatic for me. It teaches a good lesson that you can never judge somebody else’s actions or characters if you can’t put yourself in his/her shoes. It’s so good to hear Dutch and German again … I miss hearing foreign accents here in Adelaide. It was great to walk around in Europe and hear the various tones and languages as you walk on the streets.

I still give myself a licence to celebrate the weekend as my birthday weekend, so after church in the city tomorrow morning, I may just go to Palace / Nova and watch a movie – or just walk around in the city and enjoy the sunshine. The weather was great today – really glorious – tomorrow will be the same as well. Oh yeah, it was amusing as well to see the reactions of the passers-by when they saw the tshirt I was wearing this afternoon. I was wearing the tshirt that I bought in Stockholm that has “Kötbulle – [shut-bhuu-leh]” on it. They probably tried to guess what it means … hahaha. It’s the Swedish word for “meatballs”. Even the bus driver asked me what it meant. Hahaha.

Well, my older brother has summoned me to call my mum at home through sms so I’m going to end my blog entry for the day … and call home. No doubt, my mum will make comments about my lack of girlfriend … ahh, the joy of being a 30-year-old singleton in an Asian family!

So there you go … “Happy Birthday to me …”.

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