Labour of Love

It’s my labour of love to do the clip for my parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary on 18 January 2009. I have nearly completed the opening sequence and I’m overcome by emotions as I see the animations unfold to the tune of The Story of the Swan from the Original Soundtrack of The Joy Luck Club. I finally managed to get the CD from the City Library here after putting a request for the CD on Saturday. I will also use another song for the clip which truly expresses our feelings that everything that God has done in our life is good.

I see how young my parents looked and how they were filled with dreams and hope of a family together. They didn’t know then of the eight children that they were going to be blessed with, the ensuing hardship, joy and sadness that we would bring them. On their wedding day, little did they know that they would end up mourning the loss of their youngest son as well, about forty-nine years in the future.

As I get older, I get to appreciate my parents more. It’s still hard for me to expressively show it, as we are not an emotionally expressive family. My parents have worked really hard to raise us children – even though now we lead different paths and on different levels of prosperity, we cannot deny that we are so blessed to have loving parents. Each one of us was given a chance to get good education, and most of us have one or two degrees now on our sleeves. Some of us even have postgraduate degrees. We are blessed to have a father who is a proud hardworker who instills in us a sense of self belief and independence, and a mother who loves art and beauty, who instills in us the appreciation of music and nature. They have many weaknesses, but through those, we realise as well that we have our own weaknesses too. When we were small, we believed that our parents could do no wrong. As we get older, we realise that they are just human too – they have tried their best in every way they can, to be the best parents for us even when they continue to make mistakes.

So it is my labour of love to produce the best clip that I can make – to show them that I do love them very much, and to show everybody who come on the day, that despite their shortcomings, they are our best parents. I know that my time with them is limited too – I want this clip to remind me and my children of my parents and their grandparents when they are long gone, waiting for me in Heaven along with my younger brother. I pray that God will grant them happier years ahead where they can enjoy their golden years, and enjoying the fruit of their labour of love.

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