Happy Birthday, Mama

It’s my mum’s birthday today – I gave her a call today all the way from Kongsberg. It’s evening in Bandung already and she mentioned that my siblings had returned back to their own home and that she had cooked Nasi Kuning for her birthday. Nasi Kuning is yellow coconut rice that Indonesians usually make for special occasions, complete with several condiments to go with the rice, such as fried chicken, crispy fried anchovies and peanuts, and perkedel (Indonesianised frikadellen). She learnt about my overseas trip from my older brother who checks on my blog now and then. She’s 68 this year – from my brother I learnt that both my mum and dad had moved in with my late brother’s widow and the kids. It’s a good way to cope for both parties after the loss of their loved one …

It was touching in a way to hear about her constant concerns whether I was okay – she told me that there were bad people everywhere and that I had to be careful. In the past I would feel slightly amused by such questions, but now I can sense her motherly love through her questioning me. She didn’t know that I would be over in Indonesia in a month’s time as I’m keeping it a secret – only my second sister and my older brother who know about my plan. When she asked when I would come to Indonesia, I could only mention that I would be over in the not so distant future and that we would discuss about it some more later …

My plan to hike and climb a hill around Kongsberg won’t go ahead because both of us are feeling a bit lazy. Hugo is enjoying the sun at the moment, and I’m sitting indoor, writing my blog and emails, just enjoying a quiet time. Tomorrow, we’ll be heading over to Oslo – it will be my last full day in Norway before I fly over to my next destinatio, Budapest, Hungary.

I can feel my battery charging, each day I’m away from work.

Life is good.

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  1. I also know your plan to Indonesia, but I just keep quiet…. and I also enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice trip Ry……Come home safely.

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