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I landed in Schiphol about four and a half hours ago – most of the time was spent waiting for the SAS counter to open. I flew from Singapore to Amsterdam with KLM, and the next leg of the trip with the Scandinavian Airlines. The lady who checked me in in Singapore refused to check me all the way to Oslo – grrr. The flight was very smooth – I even clocked in a couple of hours of deep sleep. I sat next to a quiet Spanish-sounding passenger, and a Dutch engineer working in Karratha, Western Australia, who was starting a home leave. Apparently tomorrow he will have another 10-hour flight to Curaçao, South America to meet his parents. Sheesh – talking about overcoming that kind of jetlag!

KLM has also upgraded its service because they have individual in-flight entertainment now – one thing that made me reminisce about air travel of the yesteryears is the quality of the food. They have this new-fangled packaging that looks like an oversized goggle-shaped cardboard, a tiny bowl of pasta salad on one side, and a tiny bowl of Knorr soup on the other. I wish airline food were as good as it was! Cost-cutting and the increasing oil prices are probably to blame.

When I landed in Schiphol, I realised that my roaming access was still not active so I called Optus again in the airport terminal. As you know by now, the roaming was then activated so I can now connect to the rest of the world again! Yaaay. 🙂 I can also use my iPhone and use all of the features while I travel – one thing that I have to warn for travellers equipped with iPhone, is that the data that you use while you travel, is not included in your allocation. There are iPhone users in the States who were slugged with massive bills when they travelled in Europe, not being aware that they are ‘data roaming’.

I have now checked in to my flight to Oslo – and have also passed another customs where I had to take out my laptop and my toiletteries (packed in a resealable plastic bag, each container not more than 100ml). I even had to take off my belt – and then within seconds I had to wear my belt again, take my bag, put the coins in my pocket, wear my wristwatch, and put the laptop in my bag. Whoa! Talking about military exercise! That’s something that we have to cope with thesedays, eh?

Well, I’ll sign-off now – all the way from Schiphol to wherever you are in this amazing world!

PS: I haven’t managed to take a shower because the shower facility is at a different terminal for international flights. Aaargh!

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  1. Arry, don’t forget my souvenir (magnetic fridge) from every countries that you visited. Have fun @ Europe!

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