Sydney Airport, 5.51pm.

I’m sitting at the Sydney Airport at the moment – waiting for my plane to board. I’ve been spending the last two days in Sydney, attending the Customer Analytics 2008 conference. Even though I didn’t end up scurrying around to exchange business cards, I feel that it was a worthwhile conference nevertheless. It’s good to be ‘present’ in the industry and create links to other analysts and anaytics’ practitioners, i.e. to be seen and heard in the analytics circle.

I did feel that the last Customer Analytics conference that I attended in November last year was more successful. I’m not sure why the held this year’s so close to last year’s. They certainly had more sponsors and participants last year – having said that, I feel that this year’s panel of speakers deliver much meatier presentations. Most, if not all of us, spent the time sharing techniques and information, rather than delivering a spiel for our respective employer.

The weather in Sydney has been quite cool and cloudy – it was a bit showery as well from time to time, but not too bad. I didn’t get to do much sightseeing except for a quick stroll to Pitt Street Mall on Monday evening. The hotel that I stayed at is situated on the other side of the harbour to Darling Harbour, so I had a good walk as well during the two days. Darling Harbour was looking good as always – too bad I didn’t have enough time to do touristy things!

Well, I guess I should put my computer back in my bag and just relax – the plane’s boarding in about twenty minutes. Back to Adelaide, back to my good ol’ home sweet home! 🙂

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