Stockholm Ghost Walk – the morning after

It’s Wednesday morning now, last night I went on the Stockholm Ghost Walk, hosted by Anthony Heads, a Brit who was originally from Newcastle but has been living in Stockholm for the past six years. (Bev, sadly he doesn’t have a Geordie accent anymore!).

It was a fantastic night – he infused the tour with British sense of humour and his sense of theatrics, without it being too ‘overdone’. I shouldn’t describe what we did – but we learnt lots about Stockholm’s shady past, and about the 83 heads that rolled down in the Town Square. We also learned about the war between Denmark and Sweden. All in all, a great tour to join if you ever come to Stockholm.

I also went to the Vasa Museum (a museum dedicated to a ship that sank in 1628 after being afloat for only 20 minutes), and Skansen Museum (an open air museum depicting life in old Sweden – complete with houses and old shops of old Sweden). I didn’t realise that I had walked 12 hours nearly non-stop by the time the day ended. No wonder I was tired, but hey, my legs look much better now. Hahaha – no more scrawny (or maybe fat!) geeky legs now! Haha.

Anyway, today I’m off to go for a walk again – I will add more later on! 🙂 Last but not least, I *really* love Stockholm. The city rocks!!!!

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