Homecoming Epilogue

I’m now sitting in Starbuck’s cafe at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta waiting for my turn to go to the gate and board the plane. In a way, I am really glad to return to Adelaide – back to my life and my cocoon. However, the older I am, the sadder I am to leave the rest of my family behind. I don’t know which trip that will be my last chance to see my parents or my siblings. Yes, the thought is a bit morbid – but who would have thought that my trip to Indonesia in January was my last chance to see my younger brother?

The more that I visit Indonesia in recent years the more I realise as well that the country is gripped by suffocating problems. When I was still a student in Indonesia, I barely heard about children dying because of hunger and lack of nourishment. My parents used to tell stories of hardship such as those “back in the days during the Japanese occupation”. I wonder how can the poor majority cope with news of increasing electricity tariff, increasing fuel prices, cooking oil prices, and so forth. You can’t help feeling so helpless and small being confronted by such issues. I can only take comfort in the words from the Bible that says that His children will never beg for food, if they live according to His principles.

So tomorrow I will land back in Adelaide — back to restart my job search and to maintain my faith and sanity in the face of uncertainty. Unfortunately I will also have to face the heatwave that is currently being experienced in Adelaide — apparently there has been a record-breaking number of days above 35C! Argh! Just lather me with margarine and put me in a crisper! 😮

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