The Power of a Praying Leader

So, Scott Morisson and the Coalition government are very likely to be returned to govern Australia for the next three years.

What happened?

I was expecting that by the first hour, we would receive quick results that the Labor opposition would be elected to govern Australia for the next period. Admittedly, as a swinging voter who previously voted for Labor, I chose to vote for a minor centralist party on the Lower House, while directing my vote towards the Liberal in the Upper House (thinking that Labor would govern the country anyway). This decision was done in the split second. I was indecisive and was leaning towards Labor when I walked to the polling booths.

So again, what happened to me?

I just couldn’t warm up to Shorten unfortunately. He appeared wooden, scripted, and rehearsed. The deliberate pause between statement is.just.very.annoying. The breakthrough happened when he shared about his Mum, and it made me warm up to him. Unfortunately he just became too smirky, too cocky too soon. I do support many of the points raised by the Labor opposition – I believe they have more heart and compassions compared to the self-serving Coalition government.

What about ScoMo, you asked?

Yes, he also annoys me. His attempt to relate to the voters seemed try-hard and schmarmy – like an embarrassing uncle who you’d do your best to stay away from during family gatherings. His views on a lot of things are also different to mine – as a Christian, I don’t see my concerns for the environment and my faith are two detachable sides. I believe as stewards for God’s creations, we do need to take a good care of the environment.

However, I know that Scott Morisson is a fellow believer. I may disagree with him that he used his praising and worshipping God as a selling point in his campaign. But, hey, he is a fellow believer. He has faults. So do I. To me, the surprising and unexpected results tonight shows what amazing and unexpected things that prayers can do.

Other folks and experts may attribute many things to Labor’s loss and the Coalition’s unlikely victory: Bill Shorten, annoying minor parties, Labor’s progressive policies, and so forth. I know some people don’t believe in the Bible anymore and don’t even read it anymore – but you will find many examples where God brought a lot of confusion in the midst of the situation or warfare, that brought His people to victory.

I attribute it to the power of a praying leader.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. – James 5:16b (NLT)

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