2015 Top-5 Movies


Continuing the tradition from 2013, I have selected my Top-5 movies for 2015. I watched fewer movies in 2015, due to my workload, but in-between my research and thesis work, I managed to see some quality movies from the Adelaide Film Festival as well as other movies throughout the year. I missed the Alliance Française French Film Festival in 2015, but I got to see some films from the Lavazza Italian Film Festival – the opposite of 2014!

Without further ado, here are my personal Top-5 movies for 2015. Some may have been released prior to 2014 but I only saw them in 2015 so they’ve made it to the list. If you want to read the actual review, you are welcome to click on the movie title to bring you to the actual review page.


#5   The Bélier Family



At #5 is the delightful crowd-pleaser The Bélier Family. Although there is nothing new in the story, the delightful likeable characters, the humour and the songs that are integral to the storyline make the movie highly enjoyable.


#4   The Martian



Making it to #4 is Ridley Scott’s The Martian, a gripping and yet informative story about an astronaut who is forced to stay alive after being left alone in Mars. It’s a story about survival and the practical challenges of sending people to colonise Mars. What would you do if you are alone in a planet that is millions of miles from home, with steadily depleting resources that are vital for you to survive?


#3   Louder than Bombs



Louder than Bombs is a thoughtful and thought-provoking movies on the scars that people bring from the warzones into the confines of their home. The movie is a subtle and poetic story-telling, both visually and verbally of a complex story. As we continue to hear about the direct casualties of war, we also learn about the emotional and psychological costs paid by reporters and photographers.


#2  The Grand Budapest Hotel



The Grand Budapest Hotel is a delightful story-telling and my first ever Wes Anderson’s movie (yes, embarassingly). Although this was released way before 2015, I only saw it at the beginning of 2015, so it has made it to my Top-5 for the year. I love the old-fashioned, whimsical way that Anderson entertains the audience with his visual feast and witty lines. A magnificent film!


#1  Spotlight



Being a Christian does not mean that turning a blind eye on the corruption and the injustice that is taking place in church as a whole. Spotlight is a necessary viewing and a reminder for all – especially churchgoers – and more specifically Catholics, to return to the heart of the faith rather than dedicating efforts and energy to cover up criminal activities. A hard-hitting movie but clearly the highlight for 2015.



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