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It’s one day before we close off 2012 and I’m feeling very relaxed – here in my messy study, Indy is sleeping near the entrance, keeping guard against any possible enemies while a lemongrass candle is burning nearby to ward off any summer mosquitoes.  The Christmas period has been relaxing this year for me compared to last year where I had to work non-stop to ensure that my thesis data was completely analysed and that my writing was progressing as it should. I do need to get my proposal done and dusted by February (a deadline that I set to myself) but it’s nice to use the period just to relax and breathe.

Christmas was pleasant for me and Yani – we went to Edge Church in the city for the Christmas service in the morning after which we had lunch in Chinatown (thank goodness for the Chinese who still opened their businesses on Christmas day *grin*). Later on that day, we went to see Les Miserables – which I have reviewed here as well.  We then went on a daytrip on Boxing Day to explore Victor Harbor, Port Elliott and Hindmarsh Island before we headed back to Adelaide with some friends from the Indonesian Church as well.  It was nice just to soak in the countryside with them and not having to think about work at all. It was a perfect Summer day with blue sky, bright sunshine with cool breeze – Yani even had a chance to go for a dip in the sea in Horseshoe Bay in Port Elliott while I lay down on the grass, being lazy. Haha.

I spent the days afterwards checking in on the sales in Ikea and in the city – I bought a new Hemnes chest from Ikea and spent the day constructing it and also sorting out through some collected junk in our bedroom. Other than that major purchase, there’s not much that I can write about the days afterwards – I enjoy my time-off and also doing little things around the house. With so many hairline cracks, I also need to start doing some work here and there. The first area that I’m going to fix is Le Loo – my second toilet that I adorn with movie posters and postcards (hehe – I have my priorities right!). Since I need to patch the cracks, unfortunately I need to take the postcards and the posters off the wall one by one before I can patch and repaint the walls. A lot of hard work! I’m still in the process of taking all of the postcards down so it will take a while!

So as the year draws to a close in around 25 hours, I reflect back to a year that is full of achievements, challenges and surprises. Although there are a lot that I haven’t achieved, I am constantly reminded of how blessed I have been this year with all of the things that I did with the grace of God – things that I had never thought I’d do or planned before.  Finally as I close this blog post, a song comes to my mind – I grew up to my Mum and Dad listening to Jim Reeves on the radio and one of the songs that I remember is May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You. Another great version of the song is sung by a singer from the Philippines, Jose Mari Chan, which I have included here. So this is my wish for you as we close this year. May the Good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again! God bless!



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