Immaturi: Il viaggio (The Immature: The Trip)


As I enjoyed Immaturi (The Immature) last year, when its sequel had been included in this year’s Lavazza Italian Film Festival’s line-up, I decided to include it as part of my selectionImmaturi: Il viaggio (The Immature: The Trip) picks up in the not so distant future after the first movie where the group of friends plan a holiday to the island of Paros in Greece.

The story still revolves around the same characters: Giorgio (Raoul Bova) – who’s wondering whether he will be strong enough to resist temptations, Lorenzo (Ricky Memphis) – an awkward 40-year-old guy who wants to propose to Luisa (Barbora Bobulova). There’s also Piero (Luca Bizzari) – a man who cannot commit to a single woman and concocts the story of an imaginary son, Francesca (Ambra Angiolini) – a chef with a hidden secret. There are also other characters that make this movie a delight. Immaturi: Il viaggio highlights the scenery around the island of Paros very beautifully that you would probably wish that you could go on a holiday the moment that you step out of the cinema.  The actors play the characters really well – including Lorenzo’s dad: Maurizio Mattioli, Eleonora (Anita Caprioli) who I thinks is the Italian version of Megan Fox, and Marta (Luisa Ranieri) – Giorgio’s wife – who I think could be mistaken as Nigella Lawson.

Paolo Genovese is the director of this movie as well and uses the same formula that he uses for Immaturi – it’s still fluffy and cheesy in several places. Although I still enjoy this movie, somehow it doesn’t offer a whole lot more compared to the first one. Some of the issues that are included as part of the story are solved way too conveniently and quickly, and some of the humour may have been used in other movies as well. Nevertheless, Immaturi: Il viaggio is a good and entertaining movie and if you saw the first one, you would probably enjoy the sequel as well as it gives you more information about the characters that you came to love from the original movie.

Just a warning though – you may wish you could meet your highschool friends after seeing this movie, or worse still, return to the years when you were still young and naïve!




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