Singapura, oh Singapura …

I’m now in Singapore – my first day of holiday; the day that I spent rushing from one place to the other …

The day started when I got up at 4.00am, after going to bed at about midnight. I was busy tidying things up in preparation for Lou (my ex-boss who’s over in Adelaide to have two-month holiday from her study in Oxford — hello Lou! :)) to come over next week to do some house-sitting from time to time. It was quite hard to get up when it was cold, especially since it was raining as well this morning in Adelaide. I packed my bags, changed the bedsheets, took a shower and before I knew it, it was already 7.00am! I frantically finished the note that I wrote for Lou and called a cab. I only arrived 10 minutes before I was due to board, how lucky was that!!!

My plane left at 8.10am and landed in Perth at about 10.25am and due to the fantastic layout of the airport [sarcastic mode on], I had to take a bus from the domestic airport to the international airport. I was due to board at 10.35, but the driver dilly-dallied and chit-chatted so much that I had to run to the Gate, just as the last few passengers went inside the airplane. The plane was delayed a bit but the rest of the trip was pretty smooth.

I landed in Singapore this afternoon at about 5.30pm, I waited until 6.00pm so I could check in earlier, then took a taxi to visit Sjoerd, my Dutch friend who works in Singapore. Sjoerd has kindly given me the permission to use the shower so I can freshen up before my big trip to Amsterdam! We had dinner at the Hawker Centre in Chinatown too – so that was great!

Well, I’m now in Changi Airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Amsterdam – refreshed and showered and ready to conquer Amsterdam. I’m not looking forward to the 10 hour wait before my connecting flight to Copenhagen though! I’m planning to spend the time walking around Damrak and perhaps I’ll visit Anne Frankshuis as well.

So that has been my day, a day spent from airport to airport … travelling from Down Under to Up Over! 😀

I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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