Productive Sunday

I had quite a productive day today – after staying up until about 1am last night watching a further episode of The Adventures of English, I also watched three episodes of Ghost Whisperer.  I did get up relatively early today, had my coffee whilst looking at the news website and listening to my Neil & Tim Finn CD.

I thought I would be late for the 11.01am M44 bus to church, because I ended up chatting to several newfound friends online so I took a quick shower and rushed to the bus stop. I had to run from time to time because if I had missed that bus, I probably wouldn’t’ve gone to church actually. It was a good service this morning, Ps. Yusak shared a sermon from 1 Peter 3:18 about growth – that when we stop moving, we fall. The lunch afterwards was fantastic as well – heaps of scrumptious Indonesian dishes, including some kue soes for dessert! Whoa!!!!

I went to the city afterwards to get some cream from the chemist’s, and then headed home and fertilised the some of my plants with the sickly-smelling Season solution. Urgh!!! :sick:  I also ripped some of the weed from the frontyard – I can’t stand having the oxalis taking over the ground. I then took down the laundry from the clothes-line, after which I spent some time folding the long overdue clean and crumpled clothes that were stacked on the lazy chair in the back foyer. At least Sergio Mendes songs made the task bearable. Hehe. There are still a mound of clothes waiting to be ironed – maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.

Well, after gardening and folding the clothes, I then went online and chatted some more with my friends, and then watched some TV. Australian Idol is on again this year. Some of the participants are real crackers! It’s going to be on again tomorrow – tonight they showed the auditions from Queensland and Northern Territory. Tomorrow they’ll show Western Australia and South Australia.

I was pretty hungry too – I used to skip dinner in the past – but I can’t do it thesedays, winter nights make me hungry! I cooked another batch of Aglio olio e peperoncino pasta – this time I add some mushroom and cook it with fussili instead of penne. It was pretty darn good! I cooked enough for 3 and ended up having all of the servings. Hahahaha.

Well, it’s time for me to take my shower and head to bed, I suppose. A new week is waiting – it’ll be quite a busy one for me with meetings to attend and tasks to complete. Ah well!

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  1. I read your blog and I get hooked by it, because it was interesting.
    I like your point of view in dealing with the situations.
    Anyway, I hope you don’t mind receive a comment from a stranger.

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