Feeling grumpy

I don’t know why I felt so grumpy today — even after my second cup of coffee! When I used to sit next to Paula, I used to joke that when I felt grumpy for no apparent reason that it must have been my period. Haha. I was tempted to check my biorythm today to see whether it showed something weird today. I did feel much better by the end of the day – I wish I could go on a holiday like the one that Tara and her husband is taking this week. Argh! I would love to go to Europe again!

Anyway, I have taken my antihistamine and my Rooibos tea – I’m going to take my evening shower now and head off to bed. Big Brother announcement is playing on TV – I haven’t really followed the series this year so I’m not that interested. I thought that the series had been quite boring this year.

Okie dokes – this is Big Brother, it’s time to go and take a shower – ARRY!!!!


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