Four more days

It’s four more days until the end of the financial year and things are really hectic at work. I’m currently doing a bunch of profiling and reports that need to be done. I’ve been going home at about 6.30pm for the past couple of days and spending pretty much most of the day sitting in front of my computer with my eyes glued to the screen. I wish I could have a holiday soon … but ah well, having a house to take care, a garden to look after, and a MacBook to muck around with … hang on, a MacBook???

Yeah, I took the plunge again and bought myself a MacBook last week – I need to have a laptop so that I can still check my work email when I travel, as well as take care of my Blog when I have my holiday! Yeah, any excuse to have a new toy, eh? Besides it’s great that I can claim the expense as part of my tax return for this financial year because I would use the MacBook for some work away from the office! I suppose I can use the desktop to do some work as well, but it is kinda nice to be able to turn on the gas heater and the TV, and then work at the same time.

It is also very refreshing to return to MacOS X! I’m lovin’ it! 😀

Well, I should head off to bed now because it’s another cold night here in Adelaide. I have my sarong, tshirt, and socks – and the fan heater is vainly trying to warm up the air in the bedroom. Tonight I’m sleeping to the music selection from a Swedish Radio called SR Klassiskt – Sveriges Radio on my Roku Soundbridge. Sometimes I sleep to ABC Classic Radio, sometimes to a Norwegian radio station called Norea … Soundbridge’s great!

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