Microsoft’s so-called iPod-killer

Apparently Microsoft’s is currently brewing and building a device that would finally rival iPod; it’s called Zune. Well, as somebody who is not a Microsoft-advocate, I’m pretty sceptical about it. Michael Martine‘s blog makes a reference to it, in which he expresses his disgust that Microsoft is trying to make Zune’s branding less Microsoft-like and make it look like as if it is built by an Apple-clone hip group. Zune doesn’t have any reference to Microsoft whatsoever and tries to be ‘pally’ with whoever goes to the website by claiming that “we’re all friends”.

It reminds me of Coke Zero‘s initial attempt to brand the product: by releasing billboards and a blog that pretend that they are released by an anti-establishment grassroot group. At the end, Coke changed their tactical campaigns and was more ‘honest’ about the product – as for the phoney ‘The Zero Movement‘ blog? Well, the last time I checked, it was having a ‘500 Internal Server Error’ – however, Coke’s branding is all over the blog now.

Let’s see where Zune’s heading – I just hope that Microsoft’s not trying to be something that they’re not. They’re not hip, they’re not agile, and they’re not visionary – the reason why we use Microsoft products is because we’re a creature of habits. We’re so used of Windows that we don’t want to use any other better alternatives.

This is a video that I found in YouTube – a parody of what would happen if iPod is marketed by Microsoft. So true!!!! 😀