Two more sleeps!

I’m dead tired at the moment — I have spent the last five nights ironing my clothes after busy days at work.

Louise, my ex-boss is kind enough to do some house-sitting while I’m travelling. She’ll be in town for two months while taking a break from her study in Oxford, England. I wouldn’t want her to find a huge pile of to-be-ironed clothes! I used to dump the clothes from the lines on the lazy chair near the back door – at least the pile’s gone now. Yippee! 😀 I still need to iron the remaining clothes in the box in the main bedroom. When I moved to my house in November, I put my old bed in the spare bedroom because I thought I would buy a new bedframe, a new mattress for the main bedroom. However, my funds ran out after I installed the screen door and the built-in wardrobe, changed the roof, and purchased the bedframe. So unfortunately the main bedroom looks like a store-room rather than a bedroom now! It’ll change after I return from my trip hopefully!

Back to the domestics, well, I still need to dust, sweep and mop the floor so at least the house will be habitable for her so I think I will still be very busy tomorrow evening. It’s not that the house is messy, but I just want things to be right when I leave the house. That’s just me being anal and perfectionist. Haha.

Anyway, two more sleeps and after that I’ll be up and away! Very exciting and daunting at the same time — this will be the first time that I will use my Australian passport! It’s weird to think that I am trully a fully-fledged Australian now!

By the way, there are some buds on one of my Amur Maple trees!!