Gotta love Københaven

Nyhavn, Copenhagen


Here I am now in Copenhagen, killing time before the ferry leaves to Oslo this afternoon at 17.00. (Argh, the joy of typing using a Scandinavian keyboard – all of the familiar keys are situated all over the place!) *grrrrr*.

Let me just begin by sharing what was left from my earlier posting – Northern Europe is certainly experiencing a wet and humid summer. When I was in Amsterdam, the weather was quite wet and humid – akin to my experience in Singapore or Indonesia. It is also the same here in Copenhagen, I’ve been having some rainy nights, complete with thunders – not just the shy trickle of showers that we often have in Adelaide.

I do have to share about my experience in Anne Frank Huis as well – if anybody is planning to go to Amsterdam, you should go there for a visit. Come in early though, to beat other tourists so you can soak in the atmosphere. I can just imagine how fearful the Frank family were, hiding in the annexe. They could see the outside, the trees and the sky but they couldn’t get out or else they would be captured by the Nazi. Apparently all of the windows were covered with black-out curtain, so that others couldn’t see that they lived inside … It would definitely make you feel a wee bit sombre afterwards …

Now on to Copenhagen … but before I tell you what I have been doing here, I have to give you a word of caution for long-distance travellers: break your trips in batches and have a shower in between. In my previous post I mentioned that I couldn’t have a shower in Amsterdam because it was situated beyond the passport control. So, the first shower that I could take after leaving in Singapore was in Copenhagen, almost a full day afterwards. Let’s just say that if somebody could translate ‘nappy rash cream’ in Danks, I would’ve been really really grateful. (Do I hear you say, eeeewwww?) Hehehehe. So the first day I walked around the city looking like an old lady that just had a hip-transplant. My friend Hugo who met me here in Denmark said that even his mother who had a hip-transplant walked better than me. He he he. It took me about 3 days to walk normal again, so there! I thought you’d be interested in all of the gory details too …

I find Copenhagen very interesting – the hotel that I picked from the net (Hotel Ansgar) is not so far away from the central station. Alas, it’s also located near the old red-light district, and have ‘questionable’ people milling around (i.e. they look like druggies, etc.). The hotel itself was quite pleasant, pretty much on the simple side. The breakfast spread is great though – bread rolls, ham, salami, and yes … real Danish pastries!!!! Yummmmmooooo. After I put my stuff in the room, it was time to explore the city – on the first glance, Copenhagen seemed to be a chaotic mess but after a while, after you get to soak in the atmosphere, you’ll love the city, the people (who seem to have a friendly curiousity towards visitors), and the mess. Hehehe. Lots of goodlooking people around too!!!!! 😉

I will elaborate more when I get to Oslo, but before I close off my long-overdue blog posting for today, I have to share with you what happened last night. I spot an Indonesian restaurant near Strøget, called Bali. It is situated near Kongens Nytorv – one of the plaza in Copenhagen. So I thought it would be good to have dinner there and see what kind of Indonesian food they have there. The Rijstaffel spread (a Dutch invention based on the Indonesian Nasi Padang concept) was not really Indonesian but more like a Peranakan (a combination of Chinese and native Indonesian spread. The music played was daggy Indonesian weepies from the ’70s, and the food was as if it was caught in a timewarp. An interesting experience indeed – not a cheap one though: the rijstaffel is DK 178 per person (1 DK is about AUD 4.3). The fact that there was a Thai go-go strip bar on top of the restaurant was a bit disconcerting too. Well after dinner, the sky was getting dark and before you know it, I was caught in a torrential summer downpour. It was cold, and I was only wearing shorts and t-shirt … I had to dart from one shop to the next …. and guess what’s playing from one of the pubs … “I see trees of green, red roses too … “. Funny and ironic in a way … hahahaha. 😀

“I think to myself …. what a wonderful world …. Oooohhhh yeaaaaahhhhhh!”

To be continued … 🙂