Mon meilleur ami

Mon meilleur amiBoy, what a surprise! This movie is certainly the best feel-good movie that I’ve seen thus far this year. Mon meilleur ami (My Best Friend) is the second movie that I watched from the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2007. The story is about François (Daniel Auteuil, one of my favourite actor) who doesn’t have a best friend and has to find one to fulfil a bet. He found one at the end in Bruno, a taxi driver (played beautifully by Dany Boon). The movie is funny and touching at the same time – it makes you think and inventorise your list of friends as well. There’s a line in the movie when Bruno said, “Isn’t there anybody you can call at 3am in case you have a big problem?” – that made me think, hmmm, who can I call at 3am in the morning? *grin*

There was a little kertuffle at the beginning when Adelaide french movie afficionados tried to get in to the theatre. Because all of the French movies are played in Theatre 1 in Nova Cinema, so patrons who were in the previous session and also has tickets for the current session, are apparently prioritised to enter the cinema for the current session. On top of that, there was also a Fringe Festival event going on in the neighbouring Theatre! So you can imagine the commotion as there were several queues and some queue jumpers as well. All was okay at the end though, the guy who managed the queue was very hardworking in trying to sort the issue out.

If this movie ever comes to a theatre near you, go and watch it, it’s a gem! 5/5 for me.

Tomorrow, it will be Priceless, the movie with Audrey Tautou in it!

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