You’ll miss me (Je vais te manquer)


As the first movie that I watched for the 2010 Alliance Française French Film Festival, You’ll miss me (Je vais te manquer) does not disappoint. If I can find an alternative English title for the movie, it will be Life, Actually as the movie reminds me of the hugely popular Love, Actually: both movies anchor themselves on airport scenes and love stories. However, this is where the similarities end. You’ll miss me also explores issues such as death and sibling feud. While there are many crowd-pleasing scenes in the movie (like the scenes with the mad immigration officer in them), there are also some serious points that may make the audience pause and think.

You’ll miss me has Julia, a dignified mother with breast cancer or Olivier, a dateless caring father, or Marcel, a cynical author who has not written in seven months. Similar to Love, actually, we are introduced to the key characters in the first few moments that may seem to be a montage of random daily occurences. The montage forms a clearer picture half-way and if you are patient, you will be rewarded with an enjoyable and satisfying cinematic experience. Julia is played by Carole Bouquet, an acclaimed French actress and a former Bond girl in For Your Eyes Only who is still a stunningly beautiful lady.

I enjoyed this movie – even when I admitted that I was kind of impatient in the beginning for failing to see the connection between one scene to the next – the director, Amanda Sthers has smaller jigsaw puzzles to form, compared to the pieces of the puzzle in Love, Actually. A good start for my French Film Festival selection this year!



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