The Earlobe Philosophy

Apparently because I have long ears and attached earlobes, I am meant to have a long life and that I am well-liked by females but I am reluctant to settle down. Hmmm. 😎 I learn about this bizarre ‘knowledge’ from my friend’s parents, who are in town to attend their daughter’s graduation ceremony. Her father is apparently gifted with such ‘knowledge’ and that he can read palms and interpret body features. No, I didn’t get my palms read, but he did make comments about some of my appearance. Apparently because my second toes are longer than my big toes, my first child will be a son as well – go figure. 🙂 It was quite a bizarre conversation!

Let me backtrack for a bit …

Yani texted me last night about some chicken soup that she had cooked and whether I would want to have a taste so I told her that I would meet her after work today. I also said that perhaps we could go for a dinner because I thought she would be alone. When I arrived in the city, she said that she was still at the Festival Centre, the venue used by University of South Australia for their graduation ceremonies. It appeared that one of the Indonesian girls had their graduation ceremony in the afternoon – so when I went over to the Festival Centre, I could certainly recognise the faces there. The girl’s parents were there as well, and so were some of my friends from church. When I arrived, Yani jokingly called out to the father, “What about him? What do you think of him?”. That was when I learned that I was supposed to be some kind of cassanova and that I was well-liked by women because of my earlobes. *grin*. It certainly caught me by surprise as I didn’t know what they had been talking before. After I congratulated my friend who had her graduation today, we all walked along to Chinatown for dinner.

After dinner, we continued with the topic of ‘body interpretation’ – because I sat opposite the father on the table, I couldn’t really escape when he wanted to see my toes. I made some feeble excuses saying that I couldn’t simply take my socks off in public – he insisted and said that he wanted to see my socked feet. After looking at the shape of my socks, he said that my middle toes had confirmed that I would have sons. Hmmmmmm. I was going to give the standard statement of whatever God would give me, I would be fine with it – but at the end decided to keep mum, rather than prolonging the conversation. *grin*. He then proceeded by talking to Yani, and then discussing my supposedly free-spirited nature, and asked me not to wait any longer to settle down. He did say that I looked young and that he thought I was around 30. I’ll accept that. 🙂

It was certainly an entertaining evening – the dinner was delicious and paid for by him, to celebrate his daughter’s graduation and I certainly had a lot of fun with the conversation. Apparently when he saw my picture in Yani’s purse, he thought that I wasn’t the one for her, but after he saw me in person, he changed his mind, because I looked different to the picture. Well, I have certainly regained a couple of kilos since January! 🙂

Some of the traditional Chinese folks reportedly can read and interpret body features – I don’t buy it at all myself – it’s kind of difficult to digest that the shape of my ears or nose or toes will determine my future. When I grew up, I heard comments about Uncle such-and-such can see whether a girl was a virgin or not just by looking at their hips and bottom. Perhaps he was just a pervert? Haha.

So, have a look at your middle toes? Are they longer than the big toes? What about your earlobes? Are they attached or hanging free? Do you know what it means to have such body features? It means that God likes a bit of a variety. 😀

PS. I couldn’t help googling about attached earlobes. Apparently freely hanging earlobes are the dominant allele and attached earlobes are recessive. So there you go, I’m a minority! Although, from Wikipedia I also learn that 67.1% of Japanese have attached earlobes and for Chinese the ratio is 64.3%.

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