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Verve//Remixed Christmas

The weather here in Adelaide has been mostly overcast and cloudy for the past couple of days. Even though it felt cold yesterday, the maximum temperature was actually 25C. Today’s expected to be the same as well. The balmy weather reminds me of Bandung, my former hometown. In mid-mornings like this, where the clouds are blocking the sun to make the temperature cooler, and humidity is high, my mum and dad would either be watching TV or having their morning snooze. On the other hand, I am here sitting in front of my computer, sipping my second cup of coffee, writing my blog. *grin*. I got up early today, to a nice cool Friday morning. It rained a bit yesterday as well as this morning, making the air fresher. The sun has returned though, from time to time, and I’m sure by the end of the month and the following two months, Summer will be here with a vengeance! I love cool days like this – it’s just comfortable.

At the moment I’m listening to Verve//Remixed Christmas – an album of remixed jazzy Christmas songs that were originally recorded by Verve Records. I’m a big fan of Verve Remixed albums – they put a modern touch to songs that were originally recorded by Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, among others. I have also finished my Christmas card for this year – ready to be launched by this weekend or early next week. Different to the previous years, I have even converted the clip to an .AVI file for easier viewing. I still need to write my annual newsletter ‘The Kimber Chronicles‘ – I’m looking forward to writing it actually. There are so many things that happened this year and are worth mentioning in my newsletter. 🙂

On the domestic front, I have also patched the hairline cracks in the study with some Spakfilla, so I can paint it tomorrow. I quite enjoy painting though – it feels great to see a room transformed by a change in colour. Being so far away from cheap labour means that you have to do little jobs yourself. Calling somebody to do odd jobs around the house is expensive in Australia. No wonder that being a carpenter, a bricklayer, a tiler or a paver is really a respectable career here. A tradesman can be paid as much as a white-collar employee here, or even more!

I also had to isolate one of my female bettas into an old coffee jar. 🙁 She’s a bit sick with bulgy eyes and I don’t want her to spread the disease to the other fish. I hope she will make a full recovery. I don’t know what caused it – I hope it’s a one-off. I’m going to do some water change as well just to ensure that the water in the aquarium is still clean and fresh for the occupants!

I have also finally found a ticket to head back to Indonesia for my parent’s golden wedding anniversary. The date of the celebration (18 January 2009) is pretty close to Chinese New Year on the 26th of January, so it was really difficult to find a good bargain during the period. I wanted to fly with Singapore Airlines but I had to give up the idea because I would’ve had to fly Business Class because all of the Economy Class tickets had been sold. At the end I’ve bought a ticket to fly to Singapore on 12 January, flying Qantas and then continuing my trip with ValuAir on the same day. On the way back, I’ll be flying to Singapore on 23 January and then returning to Adelaide on the 24th. As much as I would love to stay in Indonesia longer, I might have to be back in Adelaide by the end of January, if/when I get a new job.

Talking about jobs, I’m having an interview next Wednesday for the Team Leader position that I mentioned in my previous blog entry. Yes, I finally got the confirmation that they would like to give me an interview! Yaay! I’m still cautiously optimistic about this. As well as the interview, another executive search agency would like to meet me on Wednesday morning to discuss my profile and the opportunities in the market. So yeah, it’s all happening! It’s also heartening to see that there is always a job vacancy related to my area even when the market has slowed down a lot. The vacancies may not be 100%-fit, but at least it gives me an indication that there’s still a need for Analysts out there. 🙂

By the way, I watched the second episode of Eli Stone last night – still lovin’ it. I hope ABC will change their mind and retain this series, and that Channel Seven continue to screen it here in Australia! It’s time to get going. I still need to tidy up the house and sort out the mess! One thing at a time! Hehe.

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