The Leap Years

The Leap Years

I saw this DVD when I was in Singapore and the premise of the movie was quite intriguing that I decided to buy it. The movie’s apparently based on Catherine Lim’s short story about a girl named Li-Ann who was born on the 29th of February. She met a mysterious stranger, Jeremy, who fit her idea of her true soulmate on her ‘sixth’ birthday. Jeremy made a promise that they would always meet on the 29th February.

The movie’s pretty good but the music almost feels sacchariney – it tries too hard to rustle up emotions – the lines also feel a bit contrived sometimes. I enjoyed the movie though, it reminded me of my ‘younger’ years when I still liked to watch romantic and rom-com movies. Thesedays, I’m just too cynical to watch romantic movies because most of them are so predictable – the protagonist will surely be together with the main girl. That’s why I watch a lot more arthouse and foreign movies, because they’re less predictable. Even if the protagonist is meant to be with the main girl, the storylines are more complex and unpredictable.

The movie reminds me again about the notion of soulmate – deep down I do believe that for every person, a soulmate has already been appointed. This notion certainly sits well when you are younger, because you have all the time in the world to wait and play around before the right person comes along. As you get older, the idea of soulmate is overpowered by the march of time and the realisation that you are facing the Summer and the Autumn of your life. I hope I won’t make a mistake in choosing my lifelong partner and wife – until death do us part.

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