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I got up at 5.00am this morning, thinking that I would take the first bus at 5.47am to the city. At the end, because I dilly-dallied and because I needed some coffee to wake me up, I ended up taking the bus at 6.21am. When I arrived in the city, there were about ten people queuing outside the Optus shop at Rundle Mall (the eastern end). The first in line apparently set up camp at 8.30pm last night, and there was also a guy who had been there since midnight (unfortunately he didn’t pre-register so he had to wait until the rest of the pre-registered customers were served!).

Optus already informed those who pre-registered, that their shop would be open two hours in advance (7.00am). Waiting until 7.00am was easy because we were pretty pumped up to get our second generation iPhones 3G – there was a sense of camaraderie as well as fellow queuers chatted and compared notes on whether we were going to take pre-paid or post-paid contract. As mentioned previously, the first in the queue came at 8.30pm the previous day – there was a guy who brought his chair and had been waiting since midnight. There was also an engineer who worked in the mining industry in Central Queensland who had been driving all the way to Adelaide and thought he might as well join the queue. He was on his way home anyway. Talking about dedication! There was also some kind of entertainment from a local radio station – a 20-something guy in platform shoes, feather boa and face all made-up came and tried to muster more excitement from the queuers. We were not the excitable bunch, so he gave up and walked to the Vodafone shop instead. Haha.

The drama began when the shop opened, because it took about 30 minutes for each customer to be served. Aargh! 😡 I was only served at about 8.45am, and by that time they had run out of black 16GB iPhones. They only had black 8GB iPhones and white 16GB ones. I opted to take the white 16GB iPhone in a $59/month plan, with additional $7 for the handset. I would’ve liked to get a black one, but the white one’s good as well. The $59/month plan allows me to have $54 worth of text and calls every month, as well as 700MB monthly data. MUCH better than the schemes offered by Telstra or Vodafone. The $66 per month is also similar to the phone bill that I pay currently, so I don’t really fork out extra fund – besides if I don’t fully use the call allowance, the amount will be rolled over to the next month.

I only got to the office at about 9.20am – and excitedly showed off my phone to my workmates. It’s true that the iPhone is oh so sexy and so cool! I’m so looking forward to using the Wi-Fi feature to connect to the Net in Wi-Fi hotspots in town and at the airports. I also look forward to using the GPS feature so at least I know where I am, if ever I get lost. Just in time for my holiday!

I’m glad I pre-registered and managed to get one. I hope the guy who had waited since midnight yesterday also got one as well! Apparently other Optus stores in Rundle Mall had run out of iPhones by mid morning – in contrast, I heard that the Vodafone shop in Rundle Mall who employed a DJ, provided nibbles, and red carpet didn’t have as many people lining up. That’s the consequence of providing sucky plan!

Oh I’m so excited!


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