Nebo – Slobodan Trkulja and Balkanopolis

I watched the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest that was held on 20 May 2008 in Beograd – it was broadcasted tonight on SBS. Amongst the pop rubbish, there was a song that caught my attention and it’s not even up for the prize. It was played during the interval when the votes were being counted. The song is a combination of a western orchestra but with a distinctive Balkan flavour – melancholic and soulful. After some searches through Google and Wikipedia, I found out that the song was called Nebo (‘Sky’ in Serbian) – the singer is Slobodan Trkulja and his group, Balkanopolis, along with the Metropole Orchestra from the Netherlands.

The music is sublime and for some unknown reason moves me deeply. It’s certainly true that music can transcends the boundaries of languages and cultures. It’s as if the sound of the flute can speak to my soul through a language that I don’t understand. Music can certainly move people – it’s quite unfortunate that it’s been polluted and ransacked thesedays, all in the name of ‘style’.

It’s been a while since I can be teary eyed listening to a song which I don’t understand. I’ve managed to track the video from YouTube – I think the song that they play in the Eurovision Song Contest is longer than the original version, but the original is beautiful nevertheless. Their website mentions that they will release a CD this summer with Peter Gabriel. I hope they will hurry up – I’m hooked.



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  1. I like the Israel one, sounds really cool songs even I don’t understand the Hebrews 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! I so agree. I am actually Serbian and understood the whole thing. This was the first time I’d heard this wonderful artist. I now know that he made the final of Beovizia (Serbia’s Eurovision to decide who goes to Eurovision), but lost out to Molitva by Maria S.

    His music is deeply religious, and this song, and others have undertones of ancient Orthodox chants etc….

    I’m so glad you connected with teh song!

  3. I too watched Eurovision however I watched it more for its humorous aspect but I was automatically transfixed to the TV as soon as Balkanopolis came on. I have never heard of them before and I am married to a Macedonian man so a lot of singer/band names get thrown around in conversations when they are listening to their music but not this one. I also had tears in my eyes and goosebumps and the next day I purchased their new album. Their sound is absolutely beautiful and Slobodan has a magnificent voice.

  4. If you are interested i can have about 450mb of serbian ethno music. all the stuff is similar to nebo by slobodan trkulja so contact me if u want

  5. Thank you for the comments, folks! I can’t wait to get Slobodan’s album myself.

    Danielle – did you purchase the album here in Australia?

  6. I enjoyed it too so much. I had tears in my eyes and there is no other song that has ever made me feel like this. I’d like to get his album too but I live pretty far from Balkan lands and it’s practicly impossible for me to get it. If someone can give me advise I would much appreciate it!

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