Predestination is marketed as a science-fiction about a time-travelling ‘temporal agent’ who is given the task to prevent a major crime before it happens. Ethan Hawke plays as the vaguely named temporal agent who has to prevent the ‘Fizzle Bomber’ from creating a catastrophe in New York in 1975. This is the extent that I should reveal the story, as sharing more will destroy your enjoyment of the movie.

Armed with just the knowledge that it’s a movie about a time-traveling agent, I was expecting violent and intense scenes and was a bit puzzled with the first twenty minutes of the movie. I didn’t expect it to be quite a conversational film – however, if you are not into chatty movie, stay with the movie and pay attention to the story. What you hear then will help you understand what happens later on in the movie.

Predestination is like tracing an M.C. Escher’s picture with its optical curve balls that trap your mind in an infinite loop. The movie – based on a short story by Robert A. Heinlein – certainly gives you a lot to discuss afterwards: about the characters, the order of events and the fate of the main protagonist. The Spierig Brothers (Michael and Peter) write and direct the movie and turn it into an enjoyable mental puzzle.

It is also great to see a “newcomer” from Adelaide Sarah Snook who brings a lot of life into the movie with her portrayal of a character who is strong, resilient and yet profoundly alone. Ethan Hawke gives the movie an international feel, although it is essentially an Australian-produced. All in all, a fantastic movie that still keeps me thinking of who’s where when!






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