Stories We Tell

Stories We Tell


I know that I haven’t posted a lot recently – heck, I haven’t even posted anything this month! I’m having quite a bad cold in the last couple of days but after sleeping and taking things easy, I felt a tad better this evening. On top of that, the Palace Nova voucher that was sent to me for my birthday in 2012 expired today, so I decided to go to the movie and use it. The movie that caught my attention is a low-key Canadian movie called Stories We Tell.

Stories We Tell is a documentary, written and directed by a Canadian artist, Sarah Polley which explores the impact that her late mum Diane has on the people around her – as well as a secret that would affect everybody in the family. In her younger years, the fact that Sarah didn’t look anything like her dad became a running joke in the family – until she decided to find out the truth. The movie traces back the relationship that her mum had with her dad, and different they were to one another. It is also a story of dedication and hidden love, of emotional confinement and freedom, and ultimately about the truth that finally sets everybody free.

Sarah cleverly mixes the original footage from the family’s early years along with some faux-footage clips that help to turn what is essentially a domestic affair into a journey into everybody’s characters, feelings, motives and points of view.  It is a low-key movie but I find it very poignant.  Everybody carries their own secrets and stories, and through listening to them that we get to appreciate our own life’s stories.






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