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Borg, Lofoten - Norway; July 2008

You have come across the Blog site of Arry Tanusondjaja. Well, where should I start – I’m just one of the many bloggers out there who decide to have our own outlets to publish our private thoughts and musings.

I’m a 30-something guy (saves me from editing my age every year!) who was born in 1972. I consider myself as an analytical geek with a wanderer at heart.

I love travelling – I love being in old cities and towns, walking through meandering ancient alleyways, or touching buildings that once witnessed wars and festivities. When I don’t travel, I love to analyse and think – perhaps a bit too much. I do talk and share about my faith and my walk with God too in my blog entries – I hope they don’t scare you too much. Haha!

I hope you enjoy your J/BLØG experience. I appreciate your comments and emails – so feel free to bookmark, or refer my blog to others if you enjoy what you read here.

(Why J/BLØG, you asked? Well, the j is from ‘Jacatra’, my domain name). 🙂

Take care!

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