A taste of the tropics


I can hear the rain raging on outside – it has rained almost non-stop throughout the afternoon here in Adelaide. It’s not the wishy-washy rain, either – it’s the real tropical downpour that I used to experience back in Indonesia. Real cats and dogs kinda rain! 🙂 I’m not complaining though – I’m enjoying the sound, the smell and the cool change that it brings. Adelaide had been really balmy and warm for the last couple of days before the rain came through. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, so far we have received around 60mm of rain which is double the monthly rate for December! Whoa!

Adelaide is really not well-equipped to receive such a high level of rain, so some parts of the state are flooded already. The extraordinary condition has certainly made the CFS (Country Fire Service) very busy by assisting affected public!

I’m sure that the moisture is much welcomed by my plants and trees, especially the parched frontyard and backyard. The government has allowed the use of sprinklers again from December 1 due to the healthy level of rainfall that we receive this year. However, I don’t think I will need to water my trees for a while after the ‘deluge’ that we are receiving at the moment! The weather forecast mentions that the sun will come out tomorrow afternoon and with fine weather expected from Friday onwards.

So now I can head to bed and expect to have a good restful sleep after tossing and turning for the last couple of nights – it was just way too warm to sleep and I don’t have an air conditioner in our bedroom. Whilst I prefer the cool weather, Yani prefers the warm weather throughout so the warm nights haven’t really fazed her. I’m going to let the cool air in tonight and enjoy sleeping to the sound of the tropical downpour here in good ol’ Adelaide. 🙂

The rain makes me research some memorable songs about rain or summer rain from the web. There are lots of them but I thought I’d share some with you – so here they are, something for you to enjoy wherever you are – whether it’s rainy or not!


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