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I used to feel so embarassed to admit that I couldn’t drive – I made the excuse of the traffic in Jakarta and my reliance on the taxi network, and then on the efficient public transport system in Singapore. I knew I had to change the situation, so before I entered 2010, I scheduled my first driving lesson as soon as I arrived back from Indonesia. Now months afterwards, I’ve finally done it – I’ve passed my lessons and I’ve passed my test as well! Hurrah indeed!

The process took longer as I wanted to learn things the proper way and because fear factor has kicked in and age has slowed down my reflex, I tended to be too cautious with things. Being more of a sequential person (I will finish one task before tackling another one), I found it hard to focus on so many things at once – which is a skill that you have to master while driving. 🙂 Harry, my instructor, continuously drilled into me, to keep looking in the mirrors and to look far ahead. At least with his guidance, my hardwork has paid off as well. 🙂 Thank God!!!!

I don’t consider it too embarassing to only start driving at my current age. When I hear stories about mature age students who study Year 12 and to tackle University in their retirement age, I am amazed at their determination and humility. So, why should I be embarassed for tackling driving as I’m nearing 40? 🙂 Life is a continuous journey of learning and discovery! The next step for me is to get a car (my PT Cruiser dream is over unfortunately – I don’t have that much money to buy one, let alone a cheap second-hand one). Alas, my budget is also severely limited, so if you want to wire some money for me to buy my first car, I will not say no. Hahaha. 🙂 I will also still need to fulfil the requirement to clock in ten hours of night driving. After that is done, I can then change my Learner’s Driver’s Licence into a Provisional Driver’s Licence. Yay! 🙂

Today is quite an eventful day for me – with the driving test, and then remembering my deceased younger brother. My siblings are gathering in Bandung, my hometown in Java, Indonesia to commemorate the 1,000 days of my brother’s passing away. It’s a Chinese tradition – and to tell you the truth, I don’t know the significance of 1,000 days. Maybe somebody can enlighten me. I still think about him and although the pain is now a faint one, I still miss him terribly – I wish I were able to share the news about me passing my driving test with him …

On top of that, I’m also getting ready to travel to Christchurch, New Zealand for my first ANZMAC (Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy) Conference. I’m flying tomorrow morning via Auckland. I will present my paper on the first day and will be spending six days over there, from Sunday until Friday. I have been to Christchurch twice – in 1997 and in 2000. I like Christchurch – although there are other parts of the South Island of New Zealand that I like even more. Unfortunately Yani is not coming along with me – it’s just too hard to arrange it and I only have one free day allowed. We will need to plan an overseas trip together sometime … I am thankful for this trip though as I have started to feel very restless and antsy. I want to get out of my surrounding for a while and experience a different country again. I suppose deep inside this conservative exterior lies a restless, traveller’s soul. 🙂

I will write about my experience at the conference here – without any incriminating stories. 😉

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