As it appears, ‘RED’ is not about the colour, it stands for ‘Retired, Extremely Dangerous’ ex-CIA agents who know a lot and are well-trained to kill and protect themselves. I heard a lot of good stories and reviews about this movie – that the lines are witty and that the humour is dry.

Those are correct – there is a lot of dry humour in the movie. However, it’s like enjoying a humongous pink fairy floss – it looks pretty, it is enjoyable, but it’s all a bit of fluffy and sugary nothingness. The fans may protest that I think too much and that I should just enjoy myself – I don’t think I’m a movie wowser but when my expectations are not met, I end up being quite disappointed.

RED starts with Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) a retired CIA agent who somehow establishes a telephone relationship with a customer service representative, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). Unfortunately an unknown group of people want Frank dead – Frank is included in a list of people who need to be eliminated. It appears that the CIA is behind this killing, and that it also involves the Vice President. To find out why he is targeted, Frank enlists the assistance of his former colleagues, Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren).

I have an inkling that the actors are having fun with this movie – they seem to be relaxed and play their parts well and at ease. I don’t know what I would’ve liked with this movie. I suppose a little more grittiness would be great, and so would some tension and drama. As the movie is based on an illustrated story, I suppose it is targeted on the younger audience in the first place. Having seen Fair Game where it pictures the agents more realistically, watching RED is like flicking through a fast-paced comic book.

Don’t get me wrong, RED is not disappointing – it is entertaining and very funny in parts, but it’s like the sensation after you finish your fairy floss – you’re still hungry for some more meaningful sustenance.




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