I don’t normally go to a horror movie, but after reading some websites describing Monsters as a different type of horror sci-fi movie with an element of romance, that intrigued me.

The story revolves around a large area covering the southern part of the United States and the northern part of Mexico that is infested with alien life forms. Six years ago, a NASA probe carrying samples of possible extra-terrential life forms crashed over Mexico. In six years, these octopoid creatures spread across a large area and infect the trees with their phosphorescence mushroom-like eggs. Andrew Kaulder (Scoot McNairy), a photojournalist is asked to go into the infected zone and rescue his boss’ daughter, Samantha (Whitney Able). With military closing all air and ferry services, Andrew and Sam have to travel through the infected jungle area that will lead them to safety.

Sounds promising, right?

Some of the esteemed critics also agree after watching the movie. I can certainly see the deeper meaning of the movie – the monsters being used as an allegory for suspected enemies of the country. Gareth Edwards, the writer and the director of the movie, cleverly packages this issue into a sci-fi movie – complete with witty and believable dialogues. Some critics describe the movie as Before Sunrise meets sci-fi movie. I would go further and explain it as Before Sunrise + Jurrasic Park + Alien + some deep message about the United States’ paranoia and quashing the enemies at all cost. The actors are also incredibly believable in their acting – especially the locals – the guy playing the ferry ticket agent seems like a genuine, corrupt and shmarmy guy and Scoot McNairy acts really well as street-numb photojournalist.

The issue with this movie is that it throws a lot of ingredients, and for me, the final cuisine is just a mishmash of flavour without any satisfying final taste. Gareth Edwards seems like a very talented guy having written, directed and even created all of the special effects of the movie – I would look for his future works. Monsters is a good and ‘interesting’ start.




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