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It’s ANZAC Day here in Australia and it’s a public holiday – a day off that is much appreciated; however, since the shops and supermarkets are closed, I can’t really do much today. I was planning to paint the feature wall in the living room but because I don’t have a ladder, I won’t be able to do it effectively.

I’ve been thinking about having a feature wall in my living room because there are some hairline-cracks that have appeared on the wall, due to the prolonged drought. I have bought the filler for the crack as well as a scraper to help me do the job properly – I just need to decide on what colour to put. I’ve narrowed the selection to a deepish red-burgundy or a mellow peachy-orange colour. One of the trips that I will need to do this weekend is to visit the local Bunnings to buy some paint. I have already got the super-whizz-bang no-drip paint-brush-thingie that I bought at the Home and Garden Expo last weekend at the Royal Adelaide Showground. I was duped to buy the whole pack for $80, but I think it’s worth the money if it helps me do the job properly. I’m not an expert AT ALL in handyman’s work.

So far, I have spent the morning rearranging some stuff in the living room – I moved my stereo from the living room to the shelves in the dining area, in preparation for the home theatre that I bought off eBay. I also moved my Esquire and National Geographic magazines from the lower shelf to the top shelf. I found out that I still need a power board because the wire from the stereo won’t reach the power point. I will need to buy it tomorrow because K-Mart and Coles are closed.

Well, what I have been doing since the last time I updated my Blog? This is for those who were worried that I had dropped off the face of the earth ever since I posted my last entry … hehehe. I ended up not watching ‘Orchestra Seats’ for the French Film Festival even though I had the ticket already, because the movie was on way late at 9.15pm and it was on working day. I did watch ‘The Namesake’ during the weekend with Julienne, the retired teacher who I met during the French Film Festival. Len, her husband, didn’t join us because he was hiking in Mount Lofty with his mate. I enjoyed the movie and I will post a review shortly.

Time just flew after that – work and the uncertainty of my position continued to dominate my mind. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it is still a bit unclear at the moment. I will get some clarity by next week, hopefully — if everything goes to plan, I will manage a larger team of 5 with the core focus of campaign analysis and product development and market research.

Wollemi PineOn a lighter note, I also bought two solar lights at the Home and Garden Expo last week for $20 so there are two antique-looking solar lights in my backyard now. It does get really dark after the sun sets in winter, so the two solar lights help a bit to brighten the corner. I also bought a Wollemi Pine tree after being informed of a special deal between Wollemi Pine International and Origin Energy. I thought it would be nice to have one near the porch — it arrived on Monday at the office, to the amusement and curiosity of my workmates. Wollemi Pines are trees that were considered extinct because they lived in the age of the dinosaurs, however, a park ranger discovered a gorge in the Wollemi National Park that had some surviving wollemi pine trees. So now I have a prehistoric tree in my house! 🙂 I just need to get a big pot to put it in … My tree looks pretty similar to the one pictured here from Wikipedia – although mine looks a little bit bushier and a bit happier … haha.

Well, that is it for now! 🙂

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