Hors de prix

Hors de prixThe third French movie is ‘Hors de prix’ or ‘Priceless’ – Audrey Tautou is certainly the main drawcard of the movie. She certainly sparkled in the movie about Irène, a ‘fortune huntress’ who targets older men. She met Jean at the bar in the hotel and thought that he was a rich guy – when Irène realised that he was just a hotel employee, she dumped him only to have him following her and becoming a ‘fortune hunter’ himself. The movie is a comedy about love, wealth, and charm – it has plenty of laughter in it. Gad Elmaleh who played Jean is really believable as a hapless guy who fell in love with an experienced lady. However, I still think that ‘Mon meilleur ami’ that I watched the previous night, was the best so far, though!

I also met Julienne and Len, the couple who I met when I was queuing to see ‘Mon meilleur ami’. We ended up having coffee together after the movie finished and chatted for an hour or so about history, politics, and culture. I really enjoyed the conversation – both Len and Julienne are retired teachers. Len used to teach mathematics, whereas Julie-Anne used to teach history, French and English. We are all going to see ‘Orchestra Seats’ tomorrow – it’s quite a coincidence that 3 of the 4 movies that we choose for the French Film Festival are the same.

Well, I’m totally bushed and it’s already Monday morning so I should head off to bed – a busy day is ahead of me

À bientôt!

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