The beauty of (dis)connection

New Yorker Cover - September 2009 (Chris Ware)

In the old days, I had to sit in front of a desktop computer to connect to the Internet, whether at home, university or my office. Thesedays, I can connect from almost everywhere – I’m now sitting near Cibo Cafe in Norwood with my trusty old MacBook, with no dangling power cord or telephone cord. I have also enjoyed near-constant internet connection by using my iPhone to see what my friends are doing on Facebook as well as to see whether I have new emails. One may argue that it’s getting way too much – there’s that fabricated need to be connected to the Internet all the time. People who love such sense of connectedness argue that new technologies allow them to forge stronger relationships and friendships to their friends all around the world. However, opponents long for the good old days when we left work at the office, and that friendships were strengthened by face-to-face meetings and heartfelt handwritten letters.

The connectedness has also created the phenomenon where people are disconnected from one another even when they are in the same group. Look around you when you are having lunch the next time – you can see people checking out their emails in their Blackberry or iPhone although they are in the company of their friends or colleagues. In the old days, people rushed out to have a smoke whenever there was a 15-minute break or lunch break after a series of business meetings – thesedays, whenever there is a break, you will see folks rushing out to flick their phone out to see any missed calls, emails or just to check the Internet. Furthermore, rather than making new acquaintances in public transports, we keep to ourselves by isolating ourselves with our personal music or our downloaded games and applications.

Even now, as I am sitting with five more friends from church who are discussing the Christmas celebration programme, I am quite disconnected from them, busy typing this blog post … Maybe it’s time to post it and let you read. It’s time for me to disconnect and to connect with my friends. 🙂

There is a beautiful ad from Thailand about this sense of disconnection – so if you are busy reading this post through your smartphone or laptop, why don’t you shut it and connect with your friends or family. 🙂 Have a great weekend! 🙂


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  1. kow2……….aku setujuh ama blog dirimu kali ini…SOMEtimes TECHNOLOGY make us jauhh dari orang2 yg kita sayangin…contohnya di Video yg KOw2 upload..terlalu sibuk dengan “dunia” mereka masing2…..kadang2 2 orang yg bersebelahan ajah bisa “BERCHAT RIA” lewat HP/BB/PIng2an…hehhehe bukan bermaksud menyinggung…but hh….. really don’t like it…..(sometimes)….. 🙂 Love it kow2…

    btw, 5 orang temen tuh termasuk diriku yg tadi yahhhh…HAhahhahahahahahhahahahah…. 🙂

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